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BRRRHow can I find out if a Snow Emergency has been Declared?  

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Snow Event Status.  Crews are not plowing or salting at this time. Use this link for more details on this event or to view a diary of snow response activities for the 2016/2017 winter weather season.

Snow Emergency Status. There are no open Snow Emergency Declarations in effect at this time. Parking on Posted Snow Routes is prohibited when a Snow Emergency is in effect. Vehicles parked on Posted Snow Routes during a Snow Emergency will be ticketed and towed. 

Parking During Snow Events.

  • Parking on Posted Snow Routes is prohibited when a Snow Emergency has been declared. Vehicles parked on a Posted Snow Route during a Snow Emergency will be subject to ticketing and towing.  Following are some parking alternatives for residents and visitors on Posted Snow Routes: 
    • Park in the driveway or garage, or
    • In the Downtown Davenport area, park in any one of the city's three parking ramps for free during the Snow Emergency, find details at this link, or
    • When necessary property owners may park on their lawn until the Snow Emergency expires.
  • Parking is permitted on all other streets not identified/signed as a Posted Snow Route, however we encourage all residents to move vehicles from the street.  Parking off street:
    • Helps crews clear streets faster and more safely. 
    • Keeps your vehicle from being plowed in.
    • Allows your street to receive better service. Streets identified by the plow operator as hazardous, or impassable, due to vehicular parking may not be plowed. Subsequent attempts will be made later, however, depending on future conditions a subsequent plowing may or may not occur. Learn more about the hazards to plows, people and property due to on-street vehicular parking during winter weather events and what you can do to help. 

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