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City of Davenport Municipal Access Television

In September of 1998, the City of Davenport launched its two municipal access cable television services. The mission is to enable our citizens to gain a greater understanding of the services, programs, projects and processes of Davenport city government.
Therefore in April of 1999, the Communications Office continued its outreach efforts by beginning to videotape and broadcast City Council meetings. Currently, Committee of the Whole and Council meetings are videotaped and aired at various times. Plan and Zoning, Zoning Board of Adjustment and Historic Preservation Commission meetings are also videotaped and aired on Channel 18.

Programming originated by the City of Davenport is distributed to the public on the Davenport cable system operated by Mediacom. This programming is only carried within the Davenport service area. Programs are scheduled to be broadcast a number of times each week. City of Davenport video productions are shown throughout each month with frequent repeats. It is recommended that any copies of programs be made during this time. The City of Davenport does not have the resources required to make copies available to the public.

Davenport City Council Meetings
Davenport City Council meetings are videotaped in their entirety. A copy of the recorded Council meeting cycle is provided to the Davenport Public Library Special Collections and therefore made available to the public for viewing purposes. The recording is not available for checkout, however a copy  may be purchased from the Library for a small fee. Committee of the Whole and City Council meetings, Plan and Zoning, Zoning Board of Adjustment and Historic Preservation Commission meetings, Mayoral Media Briefings, Government Public Service Announcements and other video programs produced by the City's Communications Office are available for viewing in the Audio/Video Library on the City website.
Programming Schedule Changes
The City of Davenport has a commitment to airing City Council meetings in their entirety. Therefore the scheduled air times may vary depending on the length of the meeting. Times and days are subject to change.
Other City Programming
These programs air at various times during each month and are scheduled around the airing of City Council proceedings.
City of Davenport Channel 9
Channel 9 is the City of Davenport's 24-hour information service containing a calendar of City events, snow emergency information, changes in the airing of programs on Channel 18,  and other announcements
Contact Communications Director Jennifer Nahra at (563) 326-6151 or