CitiBus "Bike'n Bus"

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226 West 4th Street
Davenport, IA 52801
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CitiBus "Bike'n Bus"

Biking is a healthy, enjoyable way to travel, and Davenport CitiBus helps you get the most out of biking throughout the Quad City area. Whether you're heading to work, out for exercise, or just enjoying the day, linking up with a bus extends the distance you can travel and multiplies your options!

Each CitiBus has a bicycle rack that can accommodate two bikes. The weight limit for coach bicycle racks is 75 pounds per bike slot. No special permit or extra fare is required to use the bike rack.

Using this service safely is Priority #1.  CitiBus will NOT be held liable for any damage; bikers assume full responsibility for their property when utilizing this service. When using this service, practice the following:

  • It is very important to get the driver's attention before you load or unload your bicycle. 
  • Always load and unload from the curb side of the street. 
  • Be sure to secure your bike.
  • Sit up front and keep eye on your bicycle.
  • Return empty rack to the upright position, after you remove your bicycle.

Bike and Bus
Image Shown Left - Always load and unload bike from the curbside.  Be sure to get the driver's attention.

Image Shown Right - Loading and securing bike.


  • As the bus approaches, have your bike ready to load. You may want to remove water bottles, pumps or any loose items that might fall off.
  • Squeeze the handle and pull down to release the folded bike rack (shown down for demonstration).
  • Lift your bike onto the rack, fitting wheels into the slots. Fill rack from back to front.
  • Raise and release the support arm over the top of the front tire. Make sure the support arm is resting on the tire and not the fender or frame. 


  • Raise the support arm off the tire. Move the support arm down, out of your way.
  • Lift your bike out of the rack.
  • Return the rack to the upright position if there isn't another bike on the rack.
Bicicleta en el Autobus 

Questions?  Call us at 563.888.2151