Creative Arts Academy students share photos

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The interesting parts of buildings, leaves blown against a chain link fence and interesting textures and shapes are among the photographs shot by Creative Arts Academy students in a partnership with the City of Davenport.

Photography is one of the areas of instruction for the arts academy headquartered in the Davenport Public Library’s Main Branch. In the school’s first year, the class was a struggle with students relying mostly on cell phone cameras.

Before the current school year started, the city provided 10 Canon PowerShot SX410 IS cameras along with camera bags and SD memory cards. In exchange, the city gets photos – interesting photos.

Seventh graders in the class are Brighton Hall, Chloe Yacapraro, Eleanor Rubalcava-Hernandez, Ethan McReynolds, Genevieve Ring, Gracie Richards, Soli Augspurger, Cashea Kipper, Emily Tucker, Sean Millwood and Sydney Park. Eighth graders are Annabelle Gillespie, Sona Bedeyan, Giovanni Macias, Kennedy Rowe, Nicolas Zepeda, Trinity Brown, Sylvie Blackman, Wyeth Platt, Eli Walker, Sydney Sands, Eli Schrader, Tyresea Rodgers and Spencer Sweatt.

Some of the students hadn’t taken photographs before their class at the arts academy. Seventh grader Brighton Hall fell in love with it.

“It is probably one of my favorite things to do,” she said recently.

The seventh and eighth grade students learn composition and editing and creating digital contact prints. They take pictures going out on photo walks with an assignment like textures or “trash to treasure” or structures.

“The first time we went out we were supposed to only take 20 pictures but we came back with 300,” said Kennedy Rowe, an eighth grader.

Instructor Ellen Craig says next semester, the students will learn more about camera settings and what they can do to a photograph. She also hopes to have a system for checking out the cameras so they can go home with students over weekends. Now, students are limited to an area downtown within walking distance of the library.