City Clerk Responsibilities

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The City Clerk's Office serves as clerk to the mayor and council in performing their legislative function. It is the function of this office to inform the public well in advance of all public meetings so Davenport citizens can plan to attend. The City Clerk's Office also makes available to the public copies of all agendas, minutes of council meetings, and all legislation proposed or adopted.
Another function of the City Clerk's Office is to be the legal recorder of all mayoral and council actions. This office maintains a permanent record of all city council actions consisting of ordinances, resolutions and motions passed by the elected body, and every contract or agreement entered into by the city either in its original form or on microfilm.
The City Clerk's Office processes and maintains records on all alcoholic beverage licenses issued within the corporate city limits. This office also provides information to persons desiring to be elected to the city council and processes all completed nomination papers with the Scott County Auditor. The City Clerk's Office handles numerous requests for information about the City of Davenport and the Davenport Municipal Code. The Deputy City Clerk also acts as the Hearing Officer for appeals of certain matters allowed within the Davenport Municipal Code.
The City Clerk's Office processes special event applications for any event that will use city property. Together with the Special Event Coordination Team the Deputy City Clerk determines how the event will impact the city, what city services will be needed, and what the sponsor will be required to provide the city for an event to take place in Davenport.