Recreational Bike Paths/Share the Road

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Recreational Bike Paths/Share the Road

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Biking is a healthy, enjoyable way to travel.  We hope you will find this site helpful in planning your next bike trip.

Recreational Bike Paths

The City of Davenport has an impressive system of recreational trails, including the 
Riverfront Trail and the Duck Creek Parkway Trail. Portions of the Riverfront Trail are also part of the national north-south Mississippi River Trail (MRT) and/or the cross-country American Discovery Trail (ADT).

Cross-connections with the MRT and ADT occur at the Arsenal Bridge and the Credit Island Pedestrian Bridges located on the riverfront. 

The City continues to expand its system of trails as funding and opportunities exist to do so. Future planning will construct segments along major creeks in Davenport, including: Crow, Pheasant, Deere, Goose, Silver and Blackhawk Creeks.

Share the Road

There has been a general nationwide push to add on-street-type, interconnected, marked bikeways, and the process of adding such marked trails will likely occur over time.

Several major arterial streets in Davenport have been designated for this purpose and have been signed and/or striped to accommodate bicycles as alternative means of travel.

The Davenport in Motion Plan presents existing alternative travel conditions in Davenport and plans for improvement of the overall transportation system. 

Bike'n Bus

Davenport CitiBus can help you get the most out of your biking experience throughout the Quad City area. Whether you're heading to work, out for exercise, or just enjoying the day, linking up with a bus extends the distance you can travel and multiplies your options! Each CitiBus has a bicycle rack that can accommodate two bikes. For more information on how to use this service, visit our Bike'n Bus service linkUse this link for a map of our CitiBus Transit system.

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