Posted Snow Routes and Snow Emergency Declarations

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Posted Snow Routes and Snow Emergency Declarations

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Posted Snow Route

Per Ordinance 10.28.010, the City may declare a Snow Emergency to facilitate winter weather response activities and protect public safety. Parking is prohibited on Posted Snow Routes when a Snow Emergency is in effect. Cars parked on Posted Snow Routes during a Snow Emergency will be ticketed and towed.

Posted Snow Routes

The above map reflects all of the Posted Snow Routes in the City.  When a Snow Emergency is declared, parking on these streets is prohibited. You will be ticketed and may be towed. 

Because of building density in the Downtown and Hilltop area's, during high volume snow events, a second Snow Emergency may be declared so that snow can be removed from the curb line and hauled away. The 2nd Snow Emergency Downtown and Hilltop layer defines the area where a parking prohibition exists when a second Snow Emergency Declaration is made.  During initial and second Snow Emergency Declarations, visitors and residents to the Downtown area can park for free in any one of the city's three parking ramps for the duration of the snow emergency, to include the hours of 5pm to 8am (for example if a Snow Emergency is Declared beginning at Noon and set to expire at Midnight, visitors and residents may park in the ramps for free from Noon the day the emergency goes into effect through 8am the following day).

For more information on snow routes, response to snow and ice events and more, click here.

Snow Emergency

Ordinance 10.28.010 states... Whenever the public works director or his designee perceives an emergency to exist in the city or in a section or sections thereof because of snow, freezing rain, sleet, ice, snow drifts or other natural phenomenon which create, or are likely to create, hazardous conditions or impede the free movement of fire, police, health, emergency or other vehicular traffic or otherwise endanger the safety and welfare of the public, the public works director or his designee may declare an emergency to exist. Notice of the existence of an emergency and the terms and termination thereof shall be given to the print, radio, and television media, which shall be requested to cooperate with the city in the dissemination of said information to the public. 

The posting of a declaration of snow emergency on the city's website shall constitute due and proper notice of the emergency and the terms and conditions thereof. The snow route parking ban and rules shall continue in effect until the public works director or his designee declares the emergency has ended.

How can I find out if a Snow Emergency has been declared?

Downtown Snow Emergency SignYou can find out if a Snow Emergency has been declared in a number of ways.

Information on Iowa DOT Maintained Routes

Use this link for information on Snow Routes maintained by the Iowa DOT.