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Polygraph Examiner

Detective Karl Drezek is the new Polygraph Examiner for the Davenport Police Department as of 8/1/13.  Detective Drezek recently completed training at the Polygraph Institute in San Antonio, Texas.  Upon his return from training, Detective Drezek was very active in pre-employment screening for Police Officers for the Davenport Police Department.  Detective Drezek has adapted well to his new role as the Polygraph Examiner from his previous position in the Juvenile & Sex Crimes Unit.

The polygraph instrument is most widely used today by law enforcement agencies in one of two ways: as part of a pre-employment screening process or as an investigative technique to help resolve criminal complaints. As an investigative tool, the polygraph can be used to verify the statements of victims, establish the credibility of witnesses and evaluate the truthfulness of suspects. The polygraph is used in virtually every type of criminal investigation, including but not limited to homicides, assaults, robberies, kidnappings, burglaries and sex crimes.

The Davenport Police Department has used the polygraph instrument to verify truth since the 1960's. The first instruments used by the Department were analog, which utilized the old "ink and pen" system. The mechanical instruments have since been replaced with the computerized equipment the Department now uses to perform examinations.

As important as the instrument is the polygraph examiner. The polygraph examiner receives extensive training at an accredited Polygraph school, along with on the job training. The examiner must maintain certification by attending annual seminars and training. The Davenport Police Dept will continue to use the polygraph as an investigative tool and resource.


If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Detective Karl Drezek at 563-888-3619.