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Identification Bureau

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Identification Bureau


The Identification Bureau of the Davenport Police Department has an authorized strength of nine civilian employees. The Bureau is commanded by one civilian Identification Bureau Manager and is divided into three separate units, including a Crime Scene Unit, a Property & Evidence Unit and an Identification Unit.



Crime Scene Unit


The Civilian Crime Scene Unit of the Davenport Police Department is responsible for responding to crime scenes involving homicides, death investigations, robberies, sex crimes, assaults, burglaries, thefts, criminal damage, crash investigations, drug/narcotic crimes and weapons offenses. The crime scene technicians take digital photographs to preserve the appearance of crime scenes, evidence, victims and/or suspects. They locate, identify, process, collect, package, document and secure physical evidence and conduct any follow-up tasks involved with these responsibilities. Utilizing the DPD Crime Lab, the civilian crime scene technicians process many different items of evidence for latent prints using a combination of powders, chemicals and alternate light sources. They collect trace evidence and DNA. In addition, they perform marijuana identification testing on marijuana cases scheduled for court.  The civilian crime scene technicians prepare all proper documentation and testify in court.


The Civilian Crime Scene Unit has an authorized strength of four civilian crime scene technicians and one lead civilian crime scene technician. Two civilian crime scene technicians are assigned to work day shift between 0645 and 1515 hours and two are assigned to work afternoon shift between 1445 and 2315 hours. Having four civilian crime scene technicians allows two crime scene technicians to work two or three days a week, together on the same days and shifts, based on their assigned work schedule rotation. Sworn officers fulfill the crime scene technician role every day during the night shift hours. In addition, the supplementation of sworn evidence technicians during the normal civilian crime scene technician working hours arises on days when one of the two crime scene technicians assigned to the shift is already on a scheduled day off; and, the other civilian crime scene technician requests accrued time or attends training.  When two crime scene technicians are working on the same day, one technician is assigned to the evidence lab and one technician is assigned to handle calls for service. This schedule provides the technicians time to process evidence requested by the Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions, Tactical Operations and Traffic Bureaus and from crime scenes handled by the crime scene technician while assigned to the street. 


The four civilian crime scene technicians and the lead civilian crime scene technician are also assigned to a rotating on-call schedule for one week time periods. 


One civilian crime scene technician is currently training to become a latent print examiner. During FY2012 this civilian crime scene technician received extensive latent print training.


Along with supervisory duties, the lead civilian crime scene technician functions as a civilian crime scene technician, assists with training, and coordinates guest speaking events.



Identification Bureau Manager


In addition to management duties, the civilian Identification Bureau Manager is also a Certified Latent Print Examiner (CLPE) through the International Association for Identification (IAI).  There are currently only 925 IAI CLPE's worldwide. Responsibilities as a CLPE for the Davenport Police Department include maintaining evidentiary latent print files, searching latent prints in AFIS/IAFIS, completing comparisons, making identifications of latent print evidence, and testifying to these findings in court. 


Property & Evidence Unit


The Property & Evidence Storage Technicians are responsible for maintaining the proper chain of custody of all evidence including the handling, storage, transfer, research, return, and destruction of evidence and found property. The Property & Evidence Storage Technicians prepare all proper documentation and testify in court. These individuals also conduct supply functions for the department, which includes ordering regularly used office supplies, along with special order items, including, but not limited to forms, reports, and citations. 


The Property & Evidence Unit has an authorized strength of two civilian employees. The Property & Evidence Storage Technicians are Certified Property & Evidence Specialists through the International Association for Property & Evidence. In addition to two full-time employees, two VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service) assist the Property & Evidence Storage Technicians. The volunteers donate approximately 20 hours per week on a weekly basis assisting the full-time staff with their duties. 


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If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Identification Bureau Manager at 563-888-3696.