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Subdivision Platting


In order to provide for orderly growth and the provision of infrastructure for development, the City of Davenport requires that virtually all splitting or dividing of property into two or more parcels or lots be platted before a building permit is issued.  Platting involves the subdivision of land into lots along with the installation of streets and various utility systems necessary to provide a healthy and safe community.  A plat is recorded as a permanent legal document that includes both an accurate description and graphical representation of the property.  Platting provides a readily accessible and easily understandable public record of property.  There is no public hearing for the review of a subdivision plat.  Please refer to the Plan and Zoning Commission Development Calendar for submittal deadlines and meeting dates.


Subdivision plats dictate:

1)     the size and shape of lots;

2)     the relationship (connection) of existing and future streets;

3)     the location of public improvements; and

4)     the location of lands dedicated for public purposes.


There are two types of subdivision plats.

1)   Preliminary plats - this plat shows the overall concept for  development   of an entire ownership tract(s).  It shows the general lot configuration, street layout, existing topography, and existing and proposed utilities. 

2)   Final plats - the final plat may also encompass the entire tract(s) but typically only covers a part of the tract(s). It is a more detailed representation and includes exact easement locations, lot dimensions and dedication language for all public lands.  A final plat is recorded with the Recorder's office of Scott County along with a series of certificates and any restrictive covenants.


Plats of Survey


The City of Davenport's Subdivision ordinance does allow for the transfer of small parcels of property between two adjacent owners as long as no new lot is created.  This transfer must be recorded with the Recorder's office of Scott County to be legal.  Documents you need for this transfer are:

1)   a plat of survey of the area being transferred.  This will need to be prepared by a licensed surveyor or registered engineer.

2)   a legal description of the area being transferred, a "metes and bounds description".

3)   a deed of transfer.



Restrictive Covenant and Agreement Not To Sever


The City of Davenport also allows for the combining of two abutting parcels of property.  This allows for a residential property owner that owns two adjoining parcels to have the house on one parcel and the garage or another accessory structure on the other parcel.  This covenant must be recorded with the Recorder's office of Scott County and a copy of the recorded document must be attached to your building permit.