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Development within the City needs to meet certain minimum standards and regulations. To this end, the Zoning office is here to answer questions, such as "what is my property zoned?" and "how can I do what I want to do?"  The resident may wish to visit our frequently asked question (FAQ) link to find answers to "where may I park or store my boat or camper?" or "where and how high a fence may I build on my property?"  The business owner may want to check the links above to find out about permanent or temporary signage requirements and permits.  The developer should review the links for the site plan review and checklist or check out the new design review guidelines for the downtown and Village of East Davenport.


Zoning deals with maintaining and enforcing the Zoning Ordinance, Title 17 of the Davenport Municipal Code.  When the strict enforcement of the ordinance causes a "hardship", the Zoning Board of Adjustment may hear an appeal. 


Another purpose of zoning is to insure the compatibility of disparate land uses. Where there is a conflict the buffering/screening standards of the City's Site Plan ordinance tries to mitigate conflicts by separating the uses and utilizing landscaping and/or berming or fencing. 


Rezoning Process


When property is rezoned - that is, changed from one district classification to another, public hearings are held before the City Plan and Zoning Commission and the City Council.  The rezoning process can be lengthy, usually a minimum of twelve weeks but may take longer if the petition is tabled for more information or so that the developer can meet with surrounding neighbors to mitigate some concern.  However, this type of delay can be avoided if the developer meets with the neighbors prior to the initial public hearing, which staff strongly encourages.  The ward alderman may be helpful in setting up this meeting.    


Development Report


The Plan and Zoning Commission is charged to report annually to the Mayor and City Council on its activities.  To this end the staff prepares an annual Development Report which includes information on the activities of the Plan and Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation Commission and other departmental duties, including signage and licensing reviews.