Vacant/Abandoned Structures

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Vacant/Abandoned Structures

Vacant/abandoned structures are the most striking indication of neighborhood decline. These properties threaten neighborhood stability and undermine the investments made by other property owners. Vacant/abandoned buildings are a significant public safety issue. Aside from being unsightly, they attract criminal activity and are a threat to public safety wherever they exist. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that more that 6000 firefighters are injured each year while fighting fires involving vacant/abandoned properties. Statistics show that more fire fighters are injured while operating at fires involving vacant/abandoned buildings than in any other property classification.

The owners of these types of structures are first ordered to repair or demolish the structure at their expense, reference Chapter 8.17 of Davenport Municipal Code
. In cases where the owner fails to repair or demolish the structure, or when the owner can not be located, the City may find cause for the building to be demolished. Properties with that distinction are prioritized based on certain criteria.

Prior to demolition, a title search is ordered and; asbestos testing, asbestos abatement, historic review, other environmental impact studies are made, and finally the project goes through the bid process. The cost of demolition becomes the responsibility of the owner with liens placed against the property to recover costs.

In the cases when the City determines that an immediate danger to public health or safety exists because of a vacant/abandoned structure, immediate measures will be taken to ensure that the structure be demolished or repaired to a state in which it will no longer create immediate danger.

If you have questions or would like to report a hazardous property, please contact the Community Services Division at 563.326.7746.