Subdivisions and Site Plans

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Subdivisions and Site Plans

Subdivision of land

Proposed subdivisions are initially filed with the Planning and Land Use office of the Community and Economic Development Department at City Hall. Please refer to information under that department for specific requirements. A link to that Department is provided below. A Subdivision Application Packet is available through that department which includes the various forms and details the approval process. The Plan & Zoning Commission makes recommendations regarding plats and development plans to the City Council.

Planning and Land Use Office of the Community and Economic Development Department

The Engineering Division, along with various other departments and agencies, reviews all new subdivision plats submitted to the Community and Economic Development Department. You can download the Preliminary Plat checklist and Final Plat checklist we developed for our use in reviewing submitted plats which may assist you when preparing plats for approval.

Preliminary Plat checklist Final Plat checklist

Construction Plans

Two departments within Public Works oversee new development within the City of Davenport. The Engineering Division is responsible for reviewing plans for proposed streets and sewers within new subdivisions. Review of grading, drainage, and stormwater management in new subdivisions and major site developments is the responsibility of the Natural Resources Division. Two (2) sets of proposed construction plans are required for initial review by these divisions. If the plans are approved as submitted, one additional set of plans is required for use during construction. If there are significant changes to the review plans, three (3)  revised sets of approved construction plans are required before actual construction begins. Grade sheets are required for actual construction. A link to the grade sheet requirements checklist is provided below.

Site Plans

A Site Plan may be required for certain developments, depending on the current or proposed zoning, the extent of the proposed work, and the installation of structures that are connected or add to the city's infrastructure. Chapter 17.56 Site Plans of the Municipal Code addresses site plans and specific requirements. The Planning and Land Use office of the Community and Economic Development Department administers and coordinates Site Plan Review. A Site Plan Review Application is required to initiate the review process. A link to that department is provided above.

If a Site Plan is required, Public Works requires 3 copies for review of site plans. The Engineering Division and the Natural Resources Division both review site plans to assure integration with existing and planned facilities.  If significant changes are required before approval, additional copies of a revised plan will be required. Depending on the scope of the proposed plan, permits, such as grading and excavation, as well as on-site detention, may also be required.