Post-Construction Storm Water Management

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Post-Construction Storm Water Management

Lakehurst BioswaleIn accordance with our state-issued NPDES MS4 permit the City of Davenport must implement and enforce a program to address stormwater runoff from new construction and re-construction projects for which stormwater permit coverage is required. The program must ensure that controls are in place that will prevent or minimize water quality impacts.

Currently City staff meets with developers and property owners, both commercial and residential; to assist in the design and implementation of practices designed to improve water quality. The City has also designed and installed several pilot projects to treat stormwater runoff and meet water quality goals. Along with design and implementation, the city is also charged with the local inspection requirements of these practices to ensure that they are functioning properly and operating as designed.

In addition, the City is required to maintain a watershed assessment program and comprehensive land use plan. Using multi-departmental cooperation, the City ensures that the goals of reduced flooding and streambank erosion and increased water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife become realities.

The City recently approved updates to Ordinance, 13.34 titled Stormwater Management, which included adopting the Davenport Stormwater Manual. The manual can be downloaded here or a copy may be requested by contacting Natural Resources at 563.326.7923.

Important changes to the Ordinance include:

  • The addition of the Davenport Stormwater Manual which was created to assist developers, contractors, designers, and property owners to meet stormwater requirements.
  • Provisions for enforcement for non-compliance with regulation.
  • A new requirement to maintain a 30 foot vegetated buffer on both sides of a stream in located within a new development project. Buffers are required to be maintained with native plant materials.
  • New requirements for returning topsoil or amending site soils with compost to improve organic matter content. This will improve water infiltration, reduce run-off and erosion. In addition lawns will be easier to maintain without the need for fertilizers and other chemicals.
  • The requirement for detention to be installed in all areas of the city for residential developments of 5 acres or more and all commercial and industrial developments in excess of 1 acre. Practices installed must now be constructed to manage a 1.25” rain event (in 24hr) on-site and shall be designed to provide 80% bacteria reduction.
  • Inspection and maintenance requirements for all detention. Owners of basins constructed before approval of this ordinance have until 12/31/2016 to complete maintenance and as-built surveys.
  • A new requirement for newly constructed storm sewers to be televised prior to acceptance by the city.