Compost & Soil Amendment Products

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Compost & Soil Amendment Products

The Davenport Compost Facility produces award winning soil amendments.  Whatever your project we have a product that will fit your lawn and garden needs!   

Organic Potting SoilGarden Soil is an engineered product containing a blend of our Earth CycleTM Compost, Organic Potting Soil, and Sand.  This product is great for immediate planting.  Use in raised gardens, flower beds and pots. Currently this product is only available in bulk quantities, and priced at $11 per 1/2 cubic yard or $22 per cubic yard. You can pickup this material at the Compost Facility or arrange to have it delivered.

Organic Potting Soil is high in organic matter and water holding capacity and is great for flower pots, beds and gardens.  It is available in one-cubic foot bags at the Compost Facility and is priced at $2.50 per bag.  Bulk quantities are also available for pickup or delivery.  The cost per cubic yard is $20. 

Soil Builder 100% CompostEarth CycleTM 100% Compost Soil Builder is a high-quality compost that can be incorporated to improve soil condition, as a top dressing for existing turf or as a surface mulch.  Soil Builder contains 100% compost, has no added soil, sand or fillers and is an excellent soil amendment.  This product is available in one-cubic foot bags at the Compost Facility and local retailers and in bulk at the facility.  One-cubic foot bags are $1.50 per bag at the Compost Facility, price may vary at retailers.  Bulk materials can be picked up at the Compost Facility or delivered.  The price per unit for bulk is: $12 per cubic yard for 1 to 10 cubic yards, $8 per cubic yard for 11 to 500 cubic yards and $6 per cubic yard for 501+ cubic yards.  

Use this link for more tips on how to use our 100% Compost Soil Builder and how to improve the soil quality of your lawn or garden.

Questions?  Contact us at 563.328.7225 or file a request for information.