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Bridge Inspection

VMP bridgeStreet bridges that are the responsibility of the City of Davenport are inspected every 24 months. The City began this process in the early 1970s after standards were put in place through the Iowa State Highway Commission (now the Iowa Department of Transportation) in response to the Federal Highway Act of 1968, which included a provision that all bridges on the federal aid system needed to be inspected every 24 months. This program was soon refined to include all street bridges over 20 feet in length in these inspections. 

The City is currently responsible for inspecting 39 bridges, which includes street bridges over waterways, railroad tracks and other streets (viaduct-type bridges). The City utilizes the services of a consulting engineering firm when the inspections must be conducted. As a result of these inspections, certain bridges may be included for consideration in the Federal Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program and for the Engineering Division's own bridge maintenance program, which may involve engineered but relatively small-cost repair procedures. In certain cases, non-engineered-type routine maintenance items are handled by the Street Maintenance Division.

Bridges were last inspected in June and July of 2013 by vj engineering inc., consulting engineers in Iowa City, Iowa. To examine the report prepared by the firm, please visit the office of the City Engineer, Public Works Center, 1200 E. 46th Street, during regular business hours. Bridges are due to be reinspected in June and July of 2015.