CitiBus Rider Connection Passes (Transfers)

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CitiBus Rider Connection Passes (Transfers)

Connection PassConnection Passes/Transfers are used when you need more than one bus route to complete your trip.  If you need a transfer or a connection pass,  please let your driver know this WHEN YOU BOARD. 

On Davenport CitiBus, a connection pass entitles a rider to connect up to 3 times per fare within the system.  Connection passes may be used at any point along a route, must be used within 3 hours of being issued, and a different route must be used each time.  If the same route is boarded, the rider must pay a new fare.  

For example:  you board the bus, pay your fare and ask for a connection pass.  You may then take the bus to the store, do some shopping, then - so long as you are boarding a different bus route than you took to the store - you may use the connection pass to board another bus and pay no fare. You may do this up to 2 more times on the CitiBus system. 

Connection/Transfer Fare:
There is no charge for a transfer within the Davenport and Bettendorf systems. There is a connection (transfer) fee between Iowa and the Illinois system (MetroLINK)
  • MetroLINK to CitiBus is 10 cents (with a valid transfer)
  • CitiBus to MetroLINK is 5 cents (with a valid transfer)
Additional policies and procedures for using a Connection Pass:
  • Connection Passes must be used within 3 hours after they are issued.
  • Connection Passes are honored at any location.
  • Connection Passes are provided to cash paying customers only.  They are not required with the CitiPass or the QC PassPort.
  • Riders cannot re-board the same route with the same Connection Pass at any time.
  • Lost, stolen or forgotten Connection Passes will require full payment in cash to board and ride any CitiBus.
  • Any dispute involving any of the above policies will require the rider to pay full fare in cash in order to ride.  Riders may follow up on the issue by filling out a complaint form at the CitiBus Office or via the Action Center.  Any complaints found to be valid will be reimbursed with a bus token for another ride.
Question?  Call 563.888.2151.