Sidewalks and Driveways

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Sidewalks and Driveways

Sidewalk snow removalProperty owners and/or occupants are responsible for clearing the city sidewalks adjacent to their homes or businesses and maintaining them free of snow and ice at all times. The city policy regarding snow removal can be found in the Municipal Code, Chapter 12.56.  
Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance Enforcement
  • The city begins enforcement of the sidewalk snow removal policy 24 hours after the cessation of snowfall. Just be mindful, it is easier to shovel of􏰄en and early and that the goal of sidewalk snow removal is pedestrian safety.
  • If snow or ice has become packed and difficult to remove, it must be covered with salt, sand, sawdust, ashes or some other non-slippery or adhesive substance to make the sidewalk safe to use.
  • When a sidewalk has not been cleared within the allotted time, the city may clear that sidewalk and bill the property owner for the associated costs. No advance warning of such clearings will be given. Following a snowfall of 1" or more, routine inspections are performed along arterial streets, within three blocks of schools and in the downtown area to promote pedestrian safety in areas where pedestrian traffic is higher and to ensure compliance.  Any location generating a complaint is also inspected and cleared if warranted. Prior to removing snow, the area to be cleared is photographed to document the failure to clear the sidewalk.  Property owners may file and objection to clearing charges wit the City Clerk's office at 563.326.6163. To report a sidewalk that has not been cleared, contact the Public Works Department at 563.326.7746 or submit a request.

Snow Can Not be Pushed or Blown to the Street. Depositing, spewing or placing snow and ice on any public property in the city, including sidewalks and streets adjacent to a home or business is prohibited under Ordinance 12.64.01.  You may be fined.

Need Assistance with Sidewalk Snow Removal? Learn more about how our Snow Angel Program might help you.
Interested in Helping Someone in Need?  Learn how to become a Snow Angel to help someone in need of assistance with snow and ice removal.

Driveways, Sidewalks and Windrows.  As a result of plowing activities, windrowing or plowing shut or along private driveways and sidewalks may occur on Posted Snow Routes and in residential areas. The extent of windrowing is dependent on the magnitude of the event and any given area's geography, street width, vehicular parking and other conditions, such as cul-de-sacs, that affect the area being plowed. Crews attempt to minimize windrowing whenever conditions allow them to do so; however, windrowing is often unavoidable.

The objective of the city's Snow and Ice Control Plan is to maintain street surfaces (over 950 miles) and municipal access points sufficiently free of ice, snow or slush to allow reasonable and safe traffic within the city.  The city cannot clear snow pushed into a private driveway (over 10,000) or onto sidewalks as a result of plowing activities, refer to Municipal Code 12.56.

To minimize the impacts of windrowing, residents removing snow from their driveway should place snow removed with the flow of traffic.  For example, if your are on a North/South street and the traffic on your side of the street travels South, place the snow on the South side of your driveway. This will reduce the volume of snow being pushed into your driveway. Find an illustration of this process at this link.

Sidewalk and Driveway FAQ

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