Street Snow and Ice Clearing

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Street Snow and Ice Clearing

Winter DrivingMaintaining safe, efficient travel on area roads during the unpredictable Midwest winter weather season can often pose a challenge for Public Works crews. Crews do their best to anticipate and respond to winter weather conditions by applying lessons learned from prior seasons, using available technology and through periodic training.  

In the upcoming winter season, we ask that you not forget the essential service Public Works crews provide and also ask that residents keep in mind their own contribution to safe travel within the City of Davenport. 


Response to Snow and Ice Events

During any snow event, crews focus primarily on Posted Snow Routes before clearing residential streets not posted as snow routes. Posted Snow Routes are generally located within 4 to 6 blocks of residential streets. Priority has been placed on snow routes based on a number of factors, including traffic volume, public transit route, geographic features such as hills and proximity to schools and emergency service facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations.  

To improve efficiency and reduce chloride levels in our creeks and streams, Public Works crews pre-wet Posted Snow Routes with anti-icing material, "salt brine." Pre-wetting helps to break the pavement bond, begins melting falling precipitation and has the benefit of reducing the number of passes a plow has to make.  Ultimately, this practice is expected to make crews more efficient and facilitate earlier clearing activities on residential streets.

Crews will be dispatched to respond to all snow and ice events where accumulations are expected to be 1/2" or more, unless melting or little to no accumulation is expected to occur. 


Parking on Posted Snow Routes 

The City Public Works Director can declare a Snow Emergency when predicted weather events may present particular hazards and/or impact public safety. The Snow Emergency notice requires residents to move cars off of the Posted Snow Routes until the Snow Emergency is declared over. Vehicles parked on Posted Snow Route during a Snow Emergency will be ticketed and may be towed. Signage along posted snow routes reflects this requirement.
While parking is not prohibited on streets that are not posted as a Snow Route, you can avoid being being plowed in, help promote a clearer driving surface on these streets and help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Public Works Crews by parking off street.   Find out more about vehicular parking on residential streets and snow and ice removal at this link. 
Abandoned Vehicles

Enforcement of the abandoned vehicle ordinance can occur during snow and ice events. This ordinance requires all vehicles parked on public property to move at least one mile during a twenty-four hour period.

Snow Sign Downtown

Downtown and Hilltop Campus Area

Plowing in the downtown area is conducted during Snow Emergencies. Snow will be removed from the curb line in this area following snow events, or back to back snow events, which result in 4" or more of snow accumulation.  This activity is conducted after all residential streets are plowed, generally 48 to 72 hours after a snow event.  When snow removal and hauling is required a 2nd Snow Emergency specific to the area is declared for cleared during the overnight hours of 10pm to 6am.  Clearing and hauling overnight reduces the impact to traffic to the area and provides for efficient clearing and removal from the site.  There are a number of Posted Snow Routes in these areas; whenever a Snow Emergency is declared, vehicles must be removed from the street. Vehicles parked on a Posted Snow Route during Snow Emergencies will be ticked and may be towed.   


Anytime a Snow Emergency is declared, all three of the City’s parking ramps will be available for use for free during the Snow Emergency and between the hours of 5pm to 8am if the Snow Emergency begins and/or ends during those hours. For example, if the Snow Emergency is set to expire at 7pm one night, residents and visitors to the area will be allowed to park for free through 8am the following morning.

In addition to Snow Route signage, we have added lighted signs to raise public awareness that a Snow Emergency is in effect in the Downtown. These signs will be lit when a Snow Emergency is in effect and indicate that parking on Snow Routes is prohibited.Three message boards are also placed at strategic entry points to the area as additional notification of Snow Emergencies.  
Iowa DOT Maintained Snow Routes