Sewer Lateral Repairs

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Sewer Lateral Repairs

Property owners are responsible to maintain the sewer line from their building to where the pipe connects to the public sanitary sewer main. 

The City has established a Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Program to assist homeowners with costly sewer lateral repairs. The program funds eligible repairs up to $10,000.  Payment of a $500 deductible is required to participate in the program.

How Do I Know if my Sewer Lateral Needs to be Repaired? 
  • Backup of sewage into a basement may be the result of a clogged pipe or a broken sewer lateral.  Property owners need to contact a recognized business in the profession of sewer cleaning or plumbing to investigate the source of the backup. (Tree Roots or other blockages are also events that can cause sewage to backup.)
  • Through routine maintenance of the sewer system, Public Works staff may identify problems with the lateral and inform a property owner of the need to have a professional look at their system.
Eligible Repairs under the Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Program
  • Private laterals serving single family home, townhouse, duplex, condominium or a multi-family building containing not more than three (3) dwelling units.
  • Other laterals in the city right-of-way.
Repairs Not Covered by the Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Program
  • Any private property improvements, such as landscaping, fences, grass.
  • Private improvements on right-of-way.
  • Septic tank systems.
  • Trailer parks (as a commercial enterprise) up to city right-of-way.
  • Any damage inside of a building.
  • Routine maintenance on lateral such as root cutting, cabling, jetting or otherwise clearing a line.
  • Televising a line.
  • Water lines.
How Do I Apply for Assistance with Repairs to my Sewer Lateral?
  • Before applying for assistance the Property Owner must have been informed by a professional sewer clearing or plumbing company that the property's sewer lateral is in need of repair.  (Property owner's are responsible to contract this service.)
  • Complete the Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Application which can be found on-line at the link below or by visiting Davenport Public Works located at 1200 E 46th Street, Davenport, IA.
  • Submit $500.00 deductible with completed Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Application at the Public Works Center located at 1200 E 46th Street. 
  • Once the appropriate documents are received and eligibility under the program is confirmed the City will contract the repairs to be performed. 
Sewer Lateral Repair Grant Program Application

Sewer Back-Up Information

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