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CitiBus FAQ

Passengers Boarding BusHow do I know when to catch the bus?
Time points let you know where the bus is at any given time along a route. To figure what time the bus should be coming by your location, find the closest time point prior to your location. Estimate how long it should take to get from this time point location to your location. Be at your stop 5 minutes early (just in case!).

Do I have to be at a bus stop to catch the bus?
No. All Quad Cities fixed route buses (Bettendorf Transit, Davenport CitiBus, and MetroLINK) will stop anywhere along the route to pick up passengers. Position yourself at a far street corner in a safe, easy to see location. Be sure to be on the passenger side of the street. When you see the bus coming, check the destination sign to be sure it is the bus you need, then signal to the driver your intention to board by waving. Stay safely back from the bus until it is completely stopped and the driver opens the door. Be sure to have your exact change, a token, or your bus pass ready. If you need a transfer, tell your driver when you board so he/she can give it to you at that time.

Are strollers/walkers/collapsible carts allowed on the bus?
Yes. Please remove children from strollers when boarding the bus, however, to ensure their safety. Strollers, walkers, and collapsible carts are welcome, but must be kept secured and out of the aisle

What if I'm in a wheelchair or cannot climb the steps?
All fixed route buses are accessible in accordance with ADA law, and are equipped with either a ramp or a lift that the driver will activate when needed. Wheelchairs will be secured on board by your driver.

Can the driver let me know when I reach my destination?
Yes. Drivers announce major stops and intersections on all routes. If you need assistance knowing when you have reached your desired destination, tell your driver where you are wanting to go and ask him/her to call out your specific destination to alert you. 

What does "Demand Response" mean?
Demand Response means that the service to a particular location is by request only. This is generally done when the transit system wants to provide some service to a specific location but cannot do so on a regular basis. These limited service areas are identified on our route map along with instructions on how to use the service for both drop off and pick up.

What is the difference between a half fare disability and paratransit service? 

  • To qualify for the half-fare disability card, the requestor must submit a completed application along with proof that a disability exists which limits one or more life activities.  Persons should submit requests to the transit system office in their city of residence. Each system's half fare disability cards are honored by the other Quad Cities fixed route systems. Half fare disability cards are for use of the regular fixed route systems.
  • Qualifying for paratransit services is more involved, and requires a medical professional to certify that the person is, for health or safety reasons, unable to use the regular fixed route system. Use this link for additional details and an application.