Runway 3/21 Reconstruction

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Runway 3/21 Reconstruction

Beginning May 5, 2014, Runway 3/21 at Davenport Municipal Airport will be closed to all air and ground traffic for runway reconstruction. The runway will remain closed until September 26, 2014 to allow for the complete removal and replacement of the runway and lighting systems.

The reconstruction project entails a complete removal of the original concrete, stabilization of the sub soil, and installation of an improved drainage system, all topped by a new runway surface. When complete, the new runway will also be as much as 18" higher than the older to allow for better water runoff.  Finally, the installation of new LED lighting will light the Airport's way into the future.

Runway 15/33 will remain open for most of the project with the exception of June 2, 2014 through July 1, 2014.  During this time the airport will be closed to all fixed wing aircraft.  The closure of Runway 15/33, as well as Runway 3/21 is necessary to reconstruct the runway intersection. Rotary wing aircraft and blimps are welcome to come and go during this time with a few area restrictions.  

Please check the NOTAMS prior to going to your aircraft. Taxiway closures, runway back-taxing, and direction of flight requirements will be the order of the day and will change on short notice. By checking the NOTAMS, everyone can safely get to their destinations with a minimum of frustration.

Runway 3/21 Reconstruction Details and Background

Flight and Ground Restrictions and Phasing

Runway 3/21 Reconstruction Update June 30, 2014

Runway 3/21 Reconstruction Update September 29, 2014

Aerial View of Davenport Municipal Airport





View images of the initial re-construction phases of runway 3/21.  







Airport Runway 3/21 Reconstruction 06/02/14





View images of the runway re-construction beginning in June 2014.