Solid Waste Fee & Service Overview

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Solid Waste Fee & Service Overview

Davenport residents may choose from garbage carts in three sizes:  35, 65 and 95 gallon.  The smaller the cart, the less you pay in solid waste fees.  This system, known as volume-based fees, rewards those who recycle more and throw away less. 

Description: arbage CartsGarbage Carts

Garbage CartThe current Solid Waste Fee schedule is effective through June 30, 2017.  The fee increases 3% annually.
- 35 gallon (Small), $12.27/Month - $36.80/Quarter
- 65 gallon (Medium), $15.64/Month - $46.93/Quarter
- 95 gallon (Large), $19.02/Month - $57.07/Quarter

You can exchange your garbage or recycling cart to a smaller or larger size size to meet your needs. Use this link to request a cart exchange. A $25 exchange fee per cart applies to all exchanges with the exception of homeowners who purchased their homes within the last six months.

Recycling Carts

Recycling is collected every other week on the recycling and bulky waste collection day.  Recyclable material collected is delivered to the Scott Area Recycling Center for processing.  Find more details at

Recycling Drop-off

There are three recycling drop-off locations located within the City of Davenport.  

Yard Waste and Yard Waste Carts

Yard wastes collected and dropped off are recycled into environmentally friendly and beneficial soil amendments and mulch and are available for purchase at the Compost Facility.  

Curbside collection of yard waste is offered from the first Monday of the first full week in April through Friday of the second full week in January.  Yard waste must be placed in a kraft-ply bag with a yard waste sticker or in a yard waste cart for collection. Use this link for information on yard waste stickers and the yard waste service.

Bundled brush may be placed for curbside collection without a yard waste sticker during the curbside yard waste collection season noted above. Brush must be bundled with with sturdy twine; tape, wire and plastic are not compostable.  

It is illegal to:

Place yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings, brush or other lawn material in your garbage cart.  These materials are recyclable. You, and the City, could be fined.

Have an open fire containing leaves, grass, garbage, building materials, business waste or other prohibited materials. For more information on burning regulations, call the Fire Department at 563.326.7904.

Blow or otherwise place leaves and grass clippings in the street.  You could be fined, under City Code       Chapter 8.14.  Use this link for more information.

Yard Waste Drop-off

The Compost Facility is available for yard waste disposal year round for a fee, expect during free yard waste weeks.

Bulky and Electronic Waste

Bulky Waste is considered items that are too heavy to be lifted by one person or too large to fit in a garbage cart, such as furniture, appliances, some electronic waste, and tires. Bulky waste is only offered every other week on your recycling collection day. Items not accepted through Bulky Waste collection may be accepted by the Waste Commission of Scott County at its facilities. 

New Residents and Moves.

Garbage and recycling carts are assigned by address and are to be left at the designated address.  To start/stop your service you need only make one call.  When you start/stop your water service with IowaAmerican Water Company (1.866.641.2108), you are automatically enrolled in the solid waste collection system.  If your cart(s) are missing or you need to exchange the size of the cart at the location just give us a call at 563.326.7923.

Vacation/Extended Leave Shut-off Request

This service allows residents to temporarily shut off solid waste service due to an extended vacation or leave. The monthly solid waste fee is reduced to zero for the specified number of months, not to exceed six months*. The city will remove your cart and return it when service is re-activated. A $35 fee (rate subject to change) applies. Use this link to submit a request for Shut-off.

*There is a military exception to this rule, which allows collection service to be disrupted for up to 12 months. A copy of military orders must be furnished to qualify for this exception.

Stolen or Lost Cart

Contact us at 563.326.7923 to report a stolen or lost cart.  The cart is property of the City of Davenport and each one has a serial number assigned to a house to identify it.

Business Waste

The City does not collect business waste. Contact the Waste Commission of Scott County or a private hauler for disposal options.

Printable Solid Waste Services Guide

Questions?  Call us at 563.326.7923, Monday through Friday, 7am to 4:30pm.