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Landlord Resource Center

The Landlord Resource area provides tools for landlords to comply with the requirements of the rental lien exemption program by providing them the ability to view the current tenant at their properties wich includes billing name, service period and amount for any lien against one of their properties.

Rental Lien Exemption Program

Allows landlords to apply so a tenant occupied residential rental property can exempt the property from lien for delinquent sewer, clean water and garbage charges.  The Rental Lien Exemption form must be submitted to the city within 60 calendar days from the date that the tenant started water service with Iowa American Water.

Rental Lien Exemption Program Change of Ownership Form

Required when a property is sold from landlord to landlord and the tenant remains.

Current Tenant Look-up

Landlords have a sixty day window after the tenant moves into a property  to sign a tenant up for the rental lien exemption program. Occasionally a tenant will switch service into another person's name without making the landlord aware of the change.  Because the landlord has not signed the person the service is in, they no longer can receive the benefits of the the Rental Lien Exemption program since the exemption is specific to the current tenant.  If the service name changes then a new exemption form must be submitted.

The objective of this program is to provide landlords a resource to lookup whose name a service is in at one of their properties in time to sign up for the Rental Lien Exemption program.  This feature provides the name, service address and service start date for a landlord.  You need to email the name of your business and a list of all properties you own to get signed up for the program.  You will be able to see who has city utility service in their name at your property so you can sign the new customer up to the program.

Levy Lookup -

When a property has a levy placed against it, if a landlord has multiple tenants on the same premise it is difficult to differentiate which tenant is responsible for the bill.  The levy lookup provides the landlord the name, amount and billing period of an invoice.  The landlord can then identify who owes a levied invoice.

Rental Licenses applications

Davenport Municipal Code

Provides a link to the Davenport Municipal code.  Key sections are included in section 8.15:

  • 8.15.145   Licensing, Permits and Inspections for Rental Property
  • 8.15.150   Fee Schedule
  • 8.15.155   Notice and order of code enforcement officer
  • 8.15.160   Appeal

Landlord Education Assistance Program (LEAP)

Rental Property Information

Provides forms and general information about tenant background checks and the eviction process.

Rental Inspection Fees

Rental Property Inspection Checklist

Provides a list of minimum requirements of rental properties.

Property Maintenance Code

Provides landlords all information needed to maintain their properties.

Heating Appliance Inspection Report for Rental Property

Provides the form required to provide the City a required inspection of heating plants prior to the City inspection.

Rental Property Inspection Cycle Criteria

Defines criteria used by the City to schedule inspections of rental properties.

Scott County Parcel Search

This is a link to the Scott County Parcel Search where landlords can look up a property by parcel number, address or name.  This allows landlords to easily find out tax information and assessments against their properties.