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Staff 1-50 of 58
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Ahrens, Steve Development Director Levee Improvement Commission Community Planning & Economic Development 563-888-2235
Allen, Don Parks Operations Manager Parks Facilities 563-328-7275
Berger, Bruce Director Community Planning & Economic Development 563-328-7765
Clarke, Michael Public Works Director     563-326-7734
Devlin, Ryan Ice and Turf Supervisor The River's Edge 563-328-7275
DeWitt, Roy D Neighborhood Services Specialist Community Planning & Economic Development 563-888-3440
Dibbern, Andy Facilities Manager   563-326-7810
Evans, Troy Superintendent of Revenue Facilities   563-328-7275
Farrell, Owen      
Fischer, Sherrie Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation Supervisor Recreation Programs 563-888-2219
Folland, Linda   Accounting   563-328-6789
Forsyth, Jim Risk Manager Risk Management   563-326-7747
Gluba, Bill Mayor Mayor's Office 563-326-7701
Graf, Candice Housing Renewal Coordinator Community Planning & Economic Development   563-888-3380
Hamilton, Mark Recreation Supervisor Recreation Programs 563-328-7275
Hauman, Theresa Senior Recreation Manager Recreation Programs 563-328-7275
Hellige, Gene City Engineer      
Holecek, Jackie Deputy City Clerk City Administration 563-326-6163
Holeman, Kelly Clerk Community Planning & Economic Development   563-888-2200
Holland, Bill Rehab Supervisor     563-328-6711
Howard, Bartley Assistant Chief Training and Education   563-888-2185
Ihrig, Stacy A   Human Resources 563-326-7729
Johnson, Chris City Arborist     563-326-7923
Johnson, Heather   Community Planning & Economic Development  
Jones, Todd Solid Waste Superintendent      
Knutsen, Susanne Economic Development Analyst Community Planning & Economic Development 563-326-6179
Larson, Eric Community Services Manager     563-326-7732
Longlett, Eric Streets Maintenance Engineer      
Loving, Katrina L Office Manager City Assessor   563-326-8659
Major, Dale Senior Parks Manager Parks Facilities 563-328-7275
Manion, Dennis      
McGee, Mike Building Inspection Manager     563-326-7745
Murphy, Margaret Assisted Housing Program Manager     563-326-7911
Mustapha, Ilene M Administrative Assistant   563-888-2066
Nahra, Jennifer A. Communications Director City Administration 563-326-7763
Neels, Michelle Investigative Paralegal Davenport Civil Rights Commission 563-326-7888
Odean, Jim Revenue Manager Revenue    
Ott, Sarah        
Overton, Meghan      
Plett, Scott Compost Facility Manager   563-888-2100
Pribyl, Rita Senior Manager Community Planning & Economic Development   563-326-6171
Rappel, Kathy   Community Services Division 563-888-2194
Reagan, Barbara Human Resources Assistant   563-888-2067
Rodriguez, Rolanda   Public Works    
Rush, Tabatha Administrative Assistant to Chief of Police Police Department 563-326-7778
Rusnak, Ryan   Community Planning & Economic Development  
Schadt, Brian City Engineer      
Seifert, Lyndsey        
Sikorski, Paul Major     563-888-3558
Spiegel, Corri City Administrator City Administration 563-888-3384
Staff 1-50 of 58