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Juvenile Justice & Legislative Strategy


Develop a comprehensive legislative strategy including a juvenile justice component that would provide a multi-agency single entry site for early intervention, full assessments, and improved access to services for youth offenders and access for preventative services; advocate for and participate in the process of creating a centralized and coordinated Juvenile Assessment Center program.

Current Update

In 3Q, City staff learned that we did not receive the grant for $140,000 through the state in FY20 within the State budget. JAC board met and re-strategized to make a formal request to the DECAT Board (governing board for Scott County Kids) to start a pilot JAC program through Scott County Kids and partnering with Davenport Community Schools. A presentation was made in October 2019 to the DECAT board including which included the Mayor, Police Chief and several others. This is on-going, but received very well. In conjunction with the pilot program the JAC board will begin strategizing ways to fund and implement the long term plans for a self-sustained JAC.  

Previous Status

In 2Q, City staff worked with local State representatives to establish seed funding in the state budget for the development of the Juvenile Assessment Center. $140,000 was budgeted for FY20 in the State budget. This money will be awarded on a competitive basis through a grant. Scott County Kids submitted an application for an award through this grant process. Awards will be made in 3Q. The JAC board hired a consultant who is currently the executive director of a similar agency in Colorado. This consultant met with the JAC board and other stakeholders to document current processes and led a discussion on future processes to make the JAC operational in Scott County

Operational Pillar: Well-Protected Community

Council Goal: Crime Reduction & Juvenile Support Services

Project Leader: Sikorski/Ott

Target Completion: Ongoing

Progress: 60%
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