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Legislative Affairs & Strategy Development


As part of the overall 2018 legislative strategy formally adopted by the City Council in 4Q-17, staff will take formal positions and engage on key issues during the 2018 legislative session; a legislative strategy outlining City of Davenport legislative priorities, including policy briefs on each, was distributed to the local delegation; staff will monitor and track legislation related to these issues and updated the City Council routinely and accordingly.

Current Update

The 2020 legislative session will begin in January, and City staff has been working with the Metro Coalition on priorities for the 2020 session. These priorities include automatic traffic enforcement and property tax backfill. Staff will begin working on policy papers and present a legislative priorities packet to the Council at the beginning of 1Q-20.

Previous Status

With the end of the 2019 legislative session, staff has begun planning for the 2020 legislative session with the Metro Coalition. Staff anticipates property tax reform and automated traffic enforcement to continue to be an area of focus in the next legislative session.

Operational Pillar: High-Performing Government

Council Goal: N/A

Project Leader: Ott

Target Completion: Ongoing