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Urban Revitalization


Develop a comprehensive plan to address blight and disinvestment in the City's urban core; identify locations to strategically invest City funds to encourage and serve as a catalyst for private revitalization and investment in neighborhoods.

Current Update

The Davenport DREAM Project launched July 1st, 2019. With $900k in seed funding, the DREAM Project provides eligible existing homeowners with a $15k grant for exterior and major mechanical improvements to their property and $25k for new homeowners to renovate their properties. The first application deadline for the DREAM Project was September 1st and staff expected all funding to be allocated from the applications received. Funding awards will be made in November. After awards have been made, staff will present to Council data and statistics from the first round of applications and review any proposed process changes to the program..  

Previous Status

In 2Q 2019, staff worked to create the structure and regulations of the new Davenport Dream Project that will launch in 3Q 2019. The Davenport DREAM Project has $900k in seed funding through CIP and CDBG sources for FY20. New homeowners will be eligible for a grant of up to $25k for improvements to their property and existing homeowners are eligible for a grant of up to $15k for exterior and major mechanical improvements to their property. In addition to the structure of the program, staff worked with a local marketing firm to create a marketing and branding concept for the project.

Operational Pillar: Fiscal Vitality

Council Goal: N/A

Project Leader: Ott/All

Target Completion: Ongoing

Progress: 80%
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