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Mayor's Office


226 West 4th Street
Davenport, IA 52801
The Mayor is elected on a city-wide ballot during an election held in November of odd numbered years.  Terms begin in January of the even numbered year and are two years long.  The Mayor has several duties as the top elected official for the City of Davenport. Some of these duties are official and other duties are ceremonial.

Official Duties of the Mayor:
  • Presides over City Council meetings and votes in the event of a tie.
  • Assists citizens with addressing problems, concerns, and information requests.
  • Delivers the annual State of the City Address to residents & businesses.    
  • Serves on executive boards such as the Bi-State Regional Commission, Waste Commission of Scott County, Scott Emergency Communication Center & the Quad Cities Chamber.
  • Appoints Council liaisons to City boards & commissions and appoints board or commission members with the approval of City Council.        

2017 State of the City AddressMayor Klipsch BriefingMayor Klipsch Chairing a City Council Meeting

Ceremonial Duties of the Mayor:
  • Promotes the City of Davenport and serves as the ambassador to visitors, dignitaries, conferences, and annual community events.
  • Participates in ribbon cuttings, speaking engagements & school or university tours.
  • Issues proclamations, certificates, and awards for special occasions, notable calendar events, and distinguished individuals.

Mayor Klipsch Reads to Students at Madison Elementary    Small Business Recognition


The Office of the Mayor is seeking individuals who are motivated, dedicated and ready to make a positive impact in our community by serving as a volunteer board member, committee member or commissioner.  Over the next year the City of Davenport will have over sixty openings across our thirteen boards, commissions and committees due to term expirations and the occasional resignation.  

The Office of the Mayor accepts applications at all times and applications remain active for one year from the date of application.  Applications that remain on file will be reviewed when a vacancy becomes available or when a term is due to expire.  Applicants must be 18 years or older and reside in Davenport (unless noted otherwise in the ordinance).  

To view information on Davenport's Board & Commissions or to apply click here.

Click here to view Mayor Klipsch's July 2019 letter regarding upcoming vacancies.